About Us

VETTER is an Erasmus+ KA2 project that runs from December 2021 to January 2024.

The VETTER project aims at improving the evaluation and monitoring process of internships carried out by VET students, as this process sometimes lacks quality and does not take into account several dimensions of the students’ life. The VETTER project aims at improving these processes, providing new methodologies and innovative methods that can make the monitoring and evaluation of the internship period of students more transparent and useful for all parties involved. In this way, the VETTER project aims to work along the lines of the Erasmus+ priority of supporting the development of VET programmes which offer a balanced mix of vocational skills and create work-based learning opportunities well aligned to all economic cycles, evolving jobs, working methods and key competences. In order to deliver a high-quality VET training, it is necessary to adapt the programmes to the needs of the labour market, as well as to strengthen the communication and coordination among the agents involved i the process: VET centres, students and companies. This project aims to promote the experience of VET placements, the quality of life at work and synergies between organisations and VET centres for a better management and coordination of work placements.



To study and adapt methodologies of good practices.


To identify needs affecting this sector.


To raise awareness among educators and employers of the importance of implementing quality internships.


To provide the actors involved in the internship periods with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement changes and adapt the internships period to the specific challenges of the market always guarantying a set of quality standards at work.


To create an international cooperation.


To promote quality internship periods that promote the access to the labour market of students upon completion of the VET studies. -Development of tailor made solutions adaptable at a Regional/Local level

Target groups

VET institutions

VET centres and their staff

Hosting companies and its employees

VET Interns / Students

VET companies

VET schools and their staff

Current and future VET students